Trips shown in Feeds!

Geospike 3.6 adds trips to your feeds! Completed trips will now show on the Cohort and global feeds. Started trips will show in your personal feed.

Trips in Feed

We also improved trip sharing, and added trip liking!

This will be the last release supporting iOS 6.

Copying photos from your DSLR to your iPhone – the easy way.

Do you shoot photos with a stand-alone camera like a DSLR?  Want to get those photos onto your iPhone for easy sharing (such as with Geospike)?

Now you can. Forget syncing with iTunes, that involves lots of configuration, and you end up with small images on your phone.

Introducing: Photo Queue. Photo queue is a free app that enables you copy full-size images from your Mac/PC over super-fast USB, and also send full-size images between iOS devices over bluetooth.

PhotoQueue Import

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Google Maps in Geospike 3.4

Map OptionsOne of the new features in Geospike 3.4 for iOS is Google Maps support. Switching to Google Maps is easy. Simply tap on any spike to view it, then tap on the map, and from the map view, tap the “page curl” icon at the bottom-right. Select ‘Google’ as your map option, and it will be applied through the app.

Want more Map styles? If you upgrade to Geospike PRO you’ll get Open Street Maps (OSM) and Bing as well!

As awesome as Google Maps are, sometimes it’s nice to have some alternatives. For example, you can now cross-reference between Google and Apple if something looks wrong. OSM maps are great in some places too, utilising the power of the community to map an amazing level of detail. Our goal is to give you the tools you need, and you can choose the one you prefer.

Note: Did your map revert back to Apple? Due to the newness of these mapping tools, if Geospike crashes we revert it back to Apple just to be safe. But don’t worry, you can repeat the steps above to get your preferred map back. Once we are happy that everything is very stable we will remove this behaviour.

Introducing: Personalized Postcards from Geospike!


With Geospike, you can now send a postcard featuring one of your photos anywhere in the world for just $1.99*, right from your iPhone.

Sending postcards while abroad has always been a little tricky. First, you have to find one without a clichéd picture, then you have to negotiate the local post office for stamps and find where on Earth you can post it from. Leave these problems behind and send postcards using your photos, withGeospike’s new postcard system.

Download the Geospike 3.1 update to get started. Postcards are available on Geospike for iPhone, iPad support is coming soon.

*price varies slightly for some locations.

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Tips and Tricks in Geospike

As seen in the recent newsletter, here’s the Geospike office’s hints on how to get the most out of the app. Is there anything you’d like to add to the list?

#1 No phone data? No worries!
Many people don’t realise but you don’t actually need phone data to spike! Avoid the scourges of data roaming while spiking by sliding that cellular data off. The app will still capture the spike as normal but won’t upload it until you connect to the internet, whether at home or at the hotel. Neat, huh?
#2 Facebook uploading made simple
Geospike features streamlined Facebook integration, and can automatically post spikes to Facebook if you choose. Simply switch Facebook syndication on when you make a spike. To share every spike you make automatically, tap the ‘remember these settings’ checkbox.
#3 Trips are as simple as A-B-C
Right next to that big orange Spike button in the app, there’s a tab for Trips. If you want to start a trip, simply type the name of it in and hit start. But you can also add spikes to a trip after you’ve taken them. Simply hit the small blue button to the left of the ‘Start’ button. You can then choose the time period and the spikes that you wish to include in the trip, as well as its visibility.
#4 You can change your profile image
By default, every user is given a spiffy-looking robot. But you are able to change this by setting up a Gravatar using the same email address you used to sign up for Geospike.

Heads Up: Maps in iOS 6 Have Changed Significantly

Maps are a core part of what Geospike does. Any change to the mapping system provided by iOS affects Geospike, both through the maps embedded in the app, and the functionality of the official Maps app which Geospike can send locations to.

Before you update to iOS 6 (which Geospike fully supports), you may wish to research the significant map-related changes introduced in iOS 6 so as to make an informed decision on whether you want to update to this new system, and get those changes. Once you update, you can’t go back.

Possible starting points for your research:

  1. NY Times: Apple’s iPhone Update Leaves Out Google’s Maps
  2. BBC News: New Apple maps app under fire from users
  3. Google Search: ios6 map changes

Geospike plans to support iOS 5.0+ for the indefinite future.

Geospike Now Supports the iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Geospike 2.2 has been released today, adding support for the iPhone5′s taller screen, and fixing some issues for iOS 6.

Geospike looks gorgeous on the iPhone5, check out some screen shots of it running on the larger screen:

Gallery View on iPhone 5
Feed View on iPhone 5
Spike View on iPhone 5
Trip View on iPhone 5

iOS 4.x

This release also marks the end of support for the iPhone 3G. We were proud of our pre iOS 5 support, however it is not possible to target both iOS 6 and iOS 4.2.1 at the same time anymore (a limitation of Apple’s developer tools), which means we were forced to drop 4.2.1 support, and thus, the iPhone 3G. Furthermore, Geospike 2.2 is the last version that will run on iOS 4.3.  The good news for iOS owners is that even the 3GS can run iOS 6, which together with convenient OTA system updates starting in iOS 5.0 means there are few reasons not to update your OS.

Geospike iOS Version 2.0 Released!

Hi all!

Over the past few months we’ve been feverishly working on the next shiny update for Geospike. And it’s now ready to go! It’s available to download from the Update section of the App Store.

So welcome to Geospike 2.0! There are some huge additions, so here’s a quick run-through of the biggest changes.

New User Profile Layout

There is now a travel map on each user profile that shows an overview of all the user’s spikes across the world. In addition to this, there’s also now two counters for spikes and trips.

We’ve also included links to spikes you’ve liked people the user is following. This aims to give you easy access to the spikes and people you’ve interacted with before.

We’re introducing a new unit of measurement unique to Geospike, called Geosteps. Basically, 1000 Geosteps is once around the world. This makes it easier to get an idea of how far you’ve travelled (plus boast about it) and also means you don’t have to flick between kilometres and miles.

New Global Feeds

The Global Timeline is now viewable in three ways: Popular, Fresh, and Awesome.

Popular spikes are the spikes that have been interacted with most by the community, either by likes or comments.

Fresh spikes are simply the newest spikes added to the public timeline. Do you wonder what people are doing on their travels around the world, while you’re sitting on the bus home? You can now find out…

Awesome spikes are handpicked by the Geospike team. These are truly some inspirational spikes, capturing amazing experiances from around the world.

New Trip Profile

The major new feature for trips is the nice map overview of your trip. Along the bottom is also a handy collection of trip statistics: number of spikes, number of photos and distance covered. Up the top right you can also see the green ‘Share’ button. You can also now share an entire trip to Facebook or Twitter in a streamlined process.

Spike Layout Overhauled

The major change for the spike view is that the primary photo is now shown dynamically so that landscape photos (including wide panoramas) are fully displayed, and portrait photos are shown almost at their full size (unlike previously where portrait photos were quite cropped).

The rest of the photos are now displayed in a grid similar to the feed gallery view with larger thumbnails, so that you can see all of your photos in more detail at a glance.

As for making spikes, to reduce confusion and time taken to add photos to a spike, we’ve redone the ‘Add Photo’ button. It should now be clearer and simpler to either add a photo from your photo library or use the camera to take one.

And finally…

We’ll also be sending out a community news email that will showcase you guys, the geospikers, who continue to amaze us with your travel experiences and photography. Sneakpeaks and discussion will be available on our Facebook page and here on our blog.

So thank you for reading, we hope the new changes will make Geospike even better for you all!

The Geospike Team



A truly inspiring video about travel and making it count. Whether you’re doing something crazy-awesome like this, or just exploring your own town, we think Geospike is the perfect app for capturing it all.

Geospike for iOS 1.0.5 Update Released!

We have a big update in store for you today for Geospike iOS. Here are some of the improvements:

  1. Faster first spike – less delay between you hitting the ‘new spike’ button, and the camera appearing (props to @spiffeah for insisting we improve this)
  2. Faster photo saving – no more waiting for your photos to save, now they save almost as fast as you can add them
  3. Better background processing – if you hit the home screen, your photos will continue to save
  4. More responsive photo viewer – when you view a photo in the photo viewer it will now start downloading immediately. We also added a progress bar so you know what’s happening.
  5. Autosave – if you’re creating a spike, and the app is forced to close (e.g. your battery goes flat, iOS kills it, or through programmer error), your draft will be recovered when you next open the app.

Oh, and we added the ability for you to ‘Like’ spikes, which both tells the author of your feelings, and means you can easily find the spike again later (a bit like a bookmark).

So this update makes Geospike faster, strong and better than ever before.  We think you’ll like it too!

@divzero & @Paludis  (Team Geospike, iOS Division).