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Three Characteristics

According to Kai-Fu Lee, there are three key characteristics in startup founders: passion, the desire for success, and strong understanding of the domain they are working on.  /via micgadget

Good news, I think we have all three :)

Some SXSW Press

A bunch of some Geospike SXSW press:

Pulsar Advertising wrote:

Organizing and Documenting Your Social World – The idea of organizing your life and various communities online was also a hot trend this year with companies like LifeDots, Savvy Card, Clipix, Hibe, IJustShared, and Qubeey. This trend also includes a variety of photo applications including: Instagram, Glomper, and Geospike.

CC Pearce‘s & Ed Ward had some interesting notes. We got a video on SXSW Videos & look for us in Moth To Flame’s Video