Geospike iOS Version 2.0 Released!

Hi all!

Over the past few months we’ve been feverishly working on the next shiny update for Geospike. And it’s now ready to go! It’s available to download from the Update section of the App Store.

So welcome to Geospike 2.0! There are some huge additions, so here’s a quick run-through of the biggest changes.

New User Profile Layout

There is now a travel map on each user profile that shows an overview of all the user’s spikes across the world. In addition to this, there’s also now two counters for spikes and trips.

We’ve also included links to spikes you’ve liked people the user is following. This aims to give you easy access to the spikes and people you’ve interacted with before.

We’re introducing a new unit of measurement unique to Geospike, called Geosteps. Basically, 1000 Geosteps is once around the world. This makes it easier to get an idea of how far you’ve travelled (plus boast about it) and also means you don’t have to flick between kilometres and miles.

New Global Feeds

The Global Timeline is now viewable in three ways: Popular, Fresh, and Awesome.

Popular spikes are the spikes that have been interacted with most by the community, either by likes or comments.

Fresh spikes are simply the newest spikes added to the public timeline. Do you wonder what people are doing on their travels around the world, while you’re sitting on the bus home? You can now find out…

Awesome spikes are handpicked by the Geospike team. These are truly some inspirational spikes, capturing amazing experiances from around the world.

New Trip Profile

The major new feature for trips is the nice map overview of your trip. Along the bottom is also a handy collection of trip statistics: number of spikes, number of photos and distance covered. Up the top right you can also see the green ‘Share’ button. You can also now share an entire trip to Facebook or Twitter in a streamlined process.

Spike Layout Overhauled

The major change for the spike view is that the primary photo is now shown dynamically so that landscape photos (including wide panoramas) are fully displayed, and portrait photos are shown almost at their full size (unlike previously where portrait photos were quite cropped).

The rest of the photos are now displayed in a grid similar to the feed gallery view with larger thumbnails, so that you can see all of your photos in more detail at a glance.

As for making spikes, to reduce confusion and time taken to add photos to a spike, we’ve redone the ‘Add Photo’ button. It should now be clearer and simpler to either add a photo from your photo library or use the camera to take one.

And finally…

We’ll also be sending out a community news email that will showcase you guys, the geospikers, who continue to amaze us with your travel experiences and photography. Sneakpeaks and discussion will be available on our Facebook page and here on our blog.

So thank you for reading, we hope the new changes will make Geospike even better for you all!

The Geospike Team

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