Heads Up: Maps in iOS 6 Have Changed Significantly

Maps are a core part of what Geospike does. Any change to the mapping system provided by iOS affects Geospike, both through the maps embedded in the app, and the functionality of the official Maps app which Geospike can send locations to.

Before you update to iOS 6 (which Geospike fully supports), you may wish to research the significant map-related changes introduced in iOS 6 so as to make an informed decision on whether you want to update to this new system, and get those changes. Once you update, you can’t go back.

Possible starting points for your research:

  1. NY Times: Apple’s iPhone Update Leaves Out Google’s Maps
  2. BBC News: New Apple maps app under fire from users
  3. Google Search: ios6 map changes

Geospike plans to support iOS 5.0+ for the indefinite future.

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